Martijn de Heer

Den Haag

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Royal Academy of Art, The Hague

Graphic Design (full time)

Designed online theses indexpage for Graphic Design department, together with two fellow students.

Presented work at Royal Academy of Art open day.

Graphic Design internship at RAAAF [Rietveld Architecture-Art-Affordances (Amsterdam, The Netherlands). During my internship at RAAAF I have had the 11/15 opportunity to work with the small team as a support for research and concept development. In this supportive role my conceptual thinking and ability to make links between subjects has been greatly challenged. Besides this I had my own set of projects, some of which were going on for the whole internship, others were short of duration. Mostly these projects were focused on book design and other printed objects. The freedom to make a graphic-grid-based interpretation of their art and architectural work has been an interesting and great subject to work with. I kept on working for RAAAF for another year which is specified in the ‘professional experience’ section.

Work exhibited on Chaumont designfestival 2015, Chaumont, France.

Participation in Chambres d’amis exhibition through out The Hague.

VJ/music performance at Dokhuis Galerie, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Work exhibited on Chaumont designfestival 2014, Chaumont, France.

Participation in the ‘Process as Sound’ exhibition at Gemak, The Hague.

Participation in the ‘On Responsibility’ exhibition at Pip, The Hague.

Class representative of the Graphic Design class.

Work exhibited at The Affiche Galerij ‘Unlimited’ exhibition, The Hague.

Grafisch Lyceum, Utrecht

Graphic Design DTP (full time)

Graphic Design [DTP] internship at NoSuchCompany (Rotterdam, The Netherlands).
 During this second internship I worked in a team of graphic designers that is part of
 the Marketing and visual communication company NoSuchCompany. The company has over 30 employees which had a completely different dynamic in comparison to two-headed design studio I did my first internship. Despite the big size of the 
company, I worked on a big amount of different projects. Ranging from making logos for Rotterdam-based shops or research consortia from the Erasmus University to designing whole yearbooks and making illustrations for the Unilever magazine. After my internship at NoSuchCompany I’ve spend several years still working with and for 
 them this will be addressed under the ‘WORK EXPERIENCE’ heading.

Graphic Design [DTP] internship at Axzent (Brakel, The Netherlands). During this
 (first) internship I worked directly with the two owners and designers of this small
 design studio. The projects I worked on ranged from small illustrations for in local business catalogues to making proposals for corporate identities. I was included in most briefings, concept sessions and met with clients.

Joined a fast track class. This class consisted 12 students who were selected on basis of personal development.

CSG Willem de Zwijger, Schoonhoven

Lower General Secondary Education

Received an Extra Advanced English certificate for doing additional English exams.

Extra classes in Drawing and Art History.

School met de Bijbel Eben-Haëzer, Groot Ammers


Role: Co-founder

Apt Opt Out

Role: Founder, designer, creative coder

Royal Academy of Art, The Hague

Role: Coding teacher


Role: Senior UI/UX designer

Coding audio reactive visuals workshop

A week long workshop for all graphic design (BA) students of the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. Together with Rafael Henneberke and the students we worked on how you can create visuals that react to sound by programming your own software.

Symbiotic Spark

Role: Co-Founder / Visual Artist / Creative Coder

A collective of musicians and visual artists which seek new ways of symbiosis between storytelling, entertainment, experiences and science. We did a live audio visual performance on the 10th of January, 2017 called "Composition 01" in the Maassilo Rotterdam.

Freelance graphic designer

Selected clients: VU-Orchestra, BanDuDeltAS, Max Foundation.

Strandpaviljoen Zuid, Duindorp

Job: allround kitchen staff; Employer: Jeroen Plugge

Rietveld Architecture-Art-Affordances, Amsterdam

Job: graphic designer/illustrator; Employer: Ronald Rietveld

After my internship at RAAAF I kept on working as a freelance graphic designer for one year. In this year I finished a longterm project of drawing their NAP (Nieuw Amsterdams Park) project. Based on the projects photoshop-collages I have drawn a 30 meter long pen-drawing, inspired by the 17th century marine drawings from Rembrand en other famous artist from the 'Dutch Golden Age'. The project is a concept and research for a new park on 't Ij, the water that runs next to the city. For more information on the project, see:

CoffeeCompany, The Hague

Job: barista; Employer: Adam Kramer & Hasan Gök

NoSuchCompany, Rotterdam

Job: junior designer; Employer: Teus Baars

After doing my internship at NoSuchCompany I stayed for 3 years, working part-time. As I have worked on lots of projects during this period, the last year I mostly worked for Shell in their office with a group of NoSuchCompany's designers.

’t Raadhuis van Goudriaan, Goudriaan

Job: allround kitchen staff; Employer: Gerard van den Bogert

V&D La Place, Utrecht

Job: allround kitchen staff; Employer: Gino

Bakkerij van der Grijn, Groot Ammers

Job: cleaner; Employer: Richard van der Grijn


View and read here (written in Dutch)


Helping with building up TodaysArt 2014.

Max Foundation

Designing the annual report and illustrations.

Annual Report 2012

Annual Report 2011

Annual Report 2010


Designing a secondhand-bicycle for a charity auction.

Working knowledge

Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Lightroom, Bridge

Cinema 4D, Blender

JavaScript, NodeJS, VueJS, Express, MongoDB, HTML, CSS, SASS, P5JS, Processing[~3 + libraries: peasyCam/openKinect/Minim]

MeshLab, WebStorm

Word, Powerpoint, Excel


Mac OSX, Windows

Basic knowledge

Premiere Pro, After Effects, Media Encoder


UNIX[Mac OSX terminal], Raspbian

Raspberry PI




Barista training at Douwe Egberts

PADI Open Water Certificate